dry wood termites

The existence of dry wood termites are moving into your home, you might not know it because they often live in the woods or on the underground. Termites can be described as a kriptobiotik because its activities hidden from view. Despite their kriptobiotik behavior sneaky, termites often leave clues to their existence. Here are some common warning signs of termites that are present in your residence.
dry wood termites

Scattered Wing
When termites leave the nest, they break their wings. This can lead to accumulation of wings on window sills You inside, or on the Spider Web on the outside. The wing looks very much like fish scales and they tend to shed it in heap.

Mud tubes
Termites build tubes from dirt to live and travel. Brown, blown dry and are usually located near the Foundation of a building or home. Blown the size of a pencil. You can test this mud tubes to see if it is still active by issuing a small part and looking for activity in a few days. If termites are present, they will rebuild the section of the tube it.

Damage Of Wood
This may seem obvious, but the damage to the wood is not always visible on the outside. The walls will begin to sag, resembling what you might think is water damage. This is because the interior damage on wood that can't you see. Note the wooden veranda or terrace in your House for termite damage Drywood.

The dirt is dry
For this shit called frass. This frass piles will likely be formed near their infestations. Remember that they can enter into your home through cracks or small space, including outdoor fuse box or connection utility. Check the places in your home if you suspect termites. dry wood termites don't build tubes of dirt so look for pellet or a more salty wings. If you happen to see a dry swarmer has a reddish color on the body.

Termites tend to fly in swarms, often after rain, warm day in spring. Herd looks very similar to that of flying ants, but have a distinctive difference. You may not need to worry if you see this pest flying outside your home, but it is a sign of fleas if you find it in places inside your House like the basement or attic.

Just because you don't see the termites, doesn't mean they don't exist. It is very important to find these pests before damage costs on the structure of your home or your business. Fortunately, the termites work slowly, so just because you find signs that does not mean the damage is very extreme.