Drywood termite signs

Drywood termite signs. Dry wood termites termite troops who built a nest in the wood that is free from humidity. This is the family of termites Kalotermitidae (such as the type of termite wet) which covers or covers several generations, and is considered by other types as primitive termite.
Drywood termite signs

Types of termites termite contains the dry type of Cryptotermes, Neotermes, Incisitermes, Glyptotermes and Kalotermes, but the most typical and very broad possible Cryptotermes. Dry wood termites are also often referred to as termites powder, as they often eat the furniture.

Types of termites has a clarification
as follows:

  • Kingdom; Animalia
  • Pilum; Arthropods
  • Class; Insecta
  • The order; Blattodea
  • Infraordo; Isoptera
  • The family; Kalotermitidae

There is little similarity between termites and dry wood termites wood moist, i.e. they are similarly nested in the wood, but unlike the wet wood that termites require moist air to persist nested in the wood. Unlike the type of dry wood termites that do not need humidity to enter into the wood and ruin it by slowly but surely.

Need dry wood termites habibat dry wood to adapt because it's dry wood termite choose human dwellings that are best suited to their habitat suitability keteria as in household furnishings and building. Dry wood termites living in wood that has access to the water, then dry wood termites have the ability to metabolize water from the wood they eat, absorb and then reabsorbs water from feces that they eat. Dirt from the mound to dry the Pellet is often called as the frass, termite droppings dry often at call
as the characteristics and usually dirt is often found in piles of wood that has been terinfentasi.