drywood termite treatment

9 drywood termite treatment.
The wooden house has a comfortable and charming, who wouldn't want to? The temperature in the room is warmer and cool, as well as a more artistic look are some of the advantages of wooden houses than houses made from another. But the problem comes when the rainy season arrives. The temperature was humid and wet conditions is ideal for termites to breed, and ate our favorite wooden house. Walls, Poles home, ceiling, even home furnishings wood-no one escapes the attack the termites.
drywood termite treatment

In order not to regret, let us take care of wooden houses is well to avoid termite attacks. Here's how:

1. Protect your buildings

Anti termite liquid should preferably be sprayed regularly to all parts of the House. We don't know where the termites will attack, then the whole sills, roof frame, wooden floors, ceilings, walls, etc. must be protected. If less savvy about how to use anti termite, consult on the expert.

2. Clean the drains regularly

Termites love the place containing water and damp. In addition to the gutter, you should also check the drains and clean it from dried leaves or other impurities regularly.

3. Immediately fix a leaky faucet

The faucet is leaking make home becomes moist. Immediately repair or replace with a new one before the termites to arrive.

4. do not pile up wood in the yard

The remaining wooden building materials should be stored in a dry place and covered. Termites will be interested on a pile of wood in the yard and secretly vied for Your wooden house as the next target.

5. use quality wood

There is a price there is a way. Wood cost more expensive is usually better than a costly wood. Fill yourself with sufficient knowledge about wood material before purchasing. Do not easily tempted by the wooden materials are offered with very cheap prices.

6. Keep the cleanliness of ventilation holes

Try to check if the vents in your House clean of paint or wood flakes? The flakes are not cleaned will invite termites to run rampant. Wire gauze so that no termites or any insects can't get into the House. 

7. Keep the cleanliness of the warehouse

What is not seen often escapes our attention. The warehouse, for example. Not every day we get into the warehouse, except when about to save stuff that has not worn. Or perhaps Your dark and spooky cellar so you lazy go in there. If termites have already lodged in a warehouse, then your home is in danger.

Wash shed at least a week or two. Give sufficient explanation and open the door for a few minutes in a day so that the air does not feel moist.

8. avoid building a House on the grounds of the former forest or garden

Ground termites (coptotermes) commonly found in the soil of the former garden or forest. This is natural because the soil of gardens and forests contain the preferred food sources termites. If there is no other way, then the method anti pre-construction termite must be done. This method is usually done by spraying a liquid anti termite on the surface and minerals Foundation before the construction of the House is done.

9. maximum Lighting

Termites don't like the dry and light. Fill the House with large Windows so that sunlight can reach out to all parts of the House. Plug the lights in some important points and don't let the dark House without corner light.