exterra termite baits

Exterra termite baits, what special compared with the other feedback? Exterra termite baits, very delicious for termites, termites so make more than him to consume wood.
exterra termite baits

You certainly feel safe and comfortable when using technology exterra. Field studies have shown that after termite colonies began to consume the bait, they will stop consuming wood inside your building.

The members of a colony of termites consume the bait will bring the bait back to the nest and share them with other members of the termite colonies at the time they are cleaning and feeding each other in a process called trophalaxis.

The active ingredients contained in exterra Termite Bait called Chlorfluazuron. This material is a fire retardant synthesis chitin, which prevent the formation of chitin. Chitin is needed by termites to form the new outer skin during the growth process. So when they mengkosumsi baits, termite can't form new layers of skin after they stripped off their old skin which leads to death.

Since the death of termites occur gradually, termite colonies do not link the threat of extinction of colonies with termite bait or bait station location.

Generally, termite colonies will be destroyed a few months after consuming a feed. When termite workers have been exhausted, a colony of termites are going towards a situation where they cannot manage themselves, ultimately leading to extinction.