facts about termites

Facts about termites. Termites are social insects that are known as pest for human life. Termites are also still close relatives with ants so the termites also called white ants. But, termites are more malleable body and wider thighs. Like ants, Termites also live in a colony in the lead by the Queen and King of termites.
facts about termites

1. Termites never sleeps

Yes, you're not wrong hear. Termites never rested all his life. Termite workers the average lifespan of 2 years and worked endlessly, or in other words, eating away the wood in your home!

2. Total weight the total weight exceeds the termite man on Earth

Although termites are very small, but it turned out to be a total weight termites on earth turns out to be a lot more compared to the total human body weight reached 7.5 billion.

3. Queen termite spawn every 15 seconds once & never stopped during his lifetime

The termites have a hierarchy, starting with the Queen and King, the army, and the workers. Well, the termite Queen is the top hierarchy that incubate the eggs and reproducing colony of termites-termites.

4. In terms of ecology, termites this species is important

Termites can decipher the fiber plant, recycling the tree is dead and rotting into the new land. Insects commonly referred to these parasites are instrumental to maintain the fertility of our forests.

5. Mound known as the ' silent destroyer '

Termites are known as ' silent destroyer ' is not without reason. Because termites-termites undermined and destroyed the furnishings/furniture and items in our homes (made of wood) secretly. From the surface of your furniture, the look is still good, but when you do a termite inspection, termite-this It has undermined the part in the invisible.

6. The termites caused the loss of the property up to $5 billion every year

Well, this is the most annoying to all home owners in this earth. Often, termites eating away the property, furniture, and other goods at home and you are already too late when noticed. And any such property cannot be used again.