flying ants vs termites

Has it ever crossed our minds, such as whether the display of termites? Form of termites often look like ants fly so often late detected when the damage to the House is already happening.
flying ants vs termites

To distinguish flying ants vs termites, we can look at the waist termite is much more than the width of a flying Ant waist very slender.

Good flying ants or termites, both potentially threatens the calmness in our homes. Although there are some similarities from both of these pests, but the negative impact resulting from the more serious and destructive termite in comparison with the consequences brought about by the flying ants.

For those of us that are still difficult to tell the difference between termites and flying ants, there are some tips below which we can follow:

Forms: Termites have a shape that is colored creamy, dark brown to blackish, the combination of length and shape oval, straight antennae, has had 6 legs and wings that are the same. Ants have wings that are not of the same length with legs. Ants also have antennas that are not straight. Their bodies can be black, Brown or reddish color. While worker ants live for a few months, the Queen can live for many years.

Food: Termites eat wood and cellulose, while flying ants will eat sweet foods as well as protein and a dead animal.

Place of residence: Termites found in basements or building structure and can be found when it was damaging the building, while the flying ants are more easily found and seen everywhere.

Flying ants can be seen in the open, and nested in the wood. They are most often found nesting in moist or wet, wood rot, but also in dry wood. If you see a bunch of flying ants ants fleas or red flying full, the first thing you do is repair or replace rotten wood. Next, you will want to use insecticides to kill the ants if they have built its nest in the room. If you can't reach the nest, use Ant bait.

Small shape with a length of only 0.4 m. m is often make us not think of the dangers of termite presence. With more than 350.000 termite in a number of colonies will be damaging your home and could conceivably risk damage to structural buildings that will arise threaten at any time.