getting rid of termites

Among all types of insects, rodents, pest, and a variety of other creatures that are distracting and make homeowners feel uncomfortable, there is nothing more dangerous than termites. Only termites that can crush and damage the Foundation and character of a house in just a few years.
getting rid of termites

The first destruction done by termites may not be visible during the first five years since termites start storming. At that time, you might have been too late. Perhaps the biggest investment House is ever you do and is something that is most valuable to you. Therefore, you should perform the steps that are appropriate to protect your home from termites, and to get rid of termites from your home quickly if your property has been invaded by termites.

1. Look for signs of the presence of termites.

May be direct evidence of the existence of the termites is not visible, but it does not mean you can ignore it. Signs of termite attack that needs to look out for is the wooden floor that sags, holes in the objects of wood and the foundations of the House that are hollow. Or you may actually see the termites with my own eyes.

Take a screwdriver and a flashlight and then go down to the basement, and inspect the beam Foundation and the Hall there by tapping the wood to check if there is a cavity in it. Then press the wood using screwdrivers to test his strength. If the wood looks fragile and easily broken, maybe your home termite attacked.

Be sure also to note if there are any remaining dirt termites as you perform this inspection. Termite dropping excrement in the form of granules whose color such as wood or dark brown. If you find this dirt near the wood decayed, it shows that there is the presence of termites.

Termite nests can also be found in your property; termite soil make the system of tunnels and tubes from the soil or mud, while termites build nests in wood lumber.

2. specify the types of termites that attack your home.

There are two types of termites commonly found in the home: termites termite and wood land. Ground termites can be found either in the ground around the House or in the wood in your home, while termites wood nested in wood only (not the land). Termite soil normally live in a warm area and on the coast, while wood termites can live in any area.

In addition to the wooden foundations, ground termites can also be found in the logs and compost piles around your House.

Ground termites typically give rise to greater damage on your home than wood, termite and could require different extermination methods.

3. Dry your wood in the Sun.

If the objects attacked termites are not part of the House but rather a piece of furniture or objects that can be removed from the home, bathing the object in the Sun. Termites live in darkness, and will die if exposed to the heat and light of the Sun. On a clear day, bring Your furniture outdoors as long as possible, we recommend 2 to 3 days.

This method is great if done simultaneously with cardboard trap method to capture/eradicate termites.

4. Freeze the termites

When are the rainy season so you can not drying furniture in the Sun, try the other method is to freeze the furniture to kill termites. Insert a wooden piece of furniture (or piece of furniture) into a large freezer for 2 to 3 days. Although this can be difficult if Your large furniture, this guaranteed method can kill termites so long as Your furniture can be put in the freezer.

5. Buy and use products Termite exterminator.

This product can be purchased at the shop or store farm buildings. The use of this antirayap product is the first step you have to do to get rid of harmful pests. You can use a product shaped bait or termite killer liquid-shaped products. Place the bait near the area attacked termites termite killer product and spray in the same area.

6. use the heat

Because the heat can turn off termites, you can heat the House in the high temperature to kill him. However, this should be done by professionals, because used equipment not sold/used freely. Contact pest eradication services in your area, and see whether this method can be applied in your home.

7. contact the expert

If you consider the termite attack already outrageous, or the House so mean so you worry about destroying it if it is done by yourself, call a professional pest control service. When contacting the service, make sure that you:

Contact three different services to get a comparison.

View the service history records from the Department of agriculture or animal husbandry before deciding to hire them.

Obtain the written consent of the service that You lease stating that they can manage to wipe out the termites thoroughly for two years. With this agreement, the service has to come back to your home on a regular basis, check if there are new termite attack, and set it aside. And that's all without requiring additional costs from you.