home remedies for termite control

Home remedies for termite control.
It may be more than just a nuisance have insects in your home. The invasion of insects, such as termites, attacks can prove the costs because you will not only lose the furniture but also damage the structural integrity of your home. Termite control can be tricky. There are several proven home remedies can help prevent termites.
home remedies for termite control

Citrus oil extract provides an efficient home remedy against termites. This would be an effective solution to eliminate termite colonies dry wood that has been infecting such furnishings furniture. Orange oil can be rubbed directly onto the surface of the wood, or into holes drilled into the wood, inject oil into the empty space.

Another home remedy for eliminating termites is neem oil, which is safe and non-toxic for use at home. Neem Oil is effective at relieving termites wood. It acts as an insect growth regulator and prevents molting, which caused the death. Termites also will stop laying. To use it, put the neem oil on a cotton ball and apply to wood or furniture terinfestasi. They will ingest the oil and die. Be sure to use as many times as needed to get rid of all the termites. Boraks can get rid of the termites, ground, whereas the soil diatom will eliminate dry wood termites.

Termite trap for destruction If termite infestation are restricted to one piece of furniture, you can place it outside under direct sunlight. Save the furniture in the sunlight for three to five days. You can also put a wet cardboard box next to the infected area and wait for the termites to colonize and foraging for food on the table. Then, remove the box carefully and burn it.

In addition to home-based treatment, it is always best to contact a pest control service. A competent professional is required.