home termite remedy

Home termite remedy.
How to eradicate termites in the soil, and dry wood termites in the closet, the wall, on the ceiling, in the frames of houses, crops. Powerful and guaranteed satisfaction.

home termite remedy
Many who ask ask why insects commonly called white ants this can damage the contents of the building properties that we have? The answer to that one, because termites are living creatures that will survive to live and eat the cellulose substances that are in the wood, cardboard, paper. It is therefore not far the main target of termite is a kitchen set, warehouse, and parquet floors. The following tips home termite remedy effectively, efficiently, and completely:

Use A Spray Insecticide Remedies

This is the most easy and simple, you can use insecticides commonly used in public since many are sold over the counter.

Although actually used specifically for mosquitoes and cockroaches, but the insecticide was toxic, so the termites will be destroyed if exposed to these toxins as well. The methods used to spray enough at the part that is in the path of termites. Make sure termites that looks dead.

Drug Termisida Special Anti Termite

This is way better than ordinary insecticides, because toxins have been created specifically to eradicate termites.

The method used is almost the same with insecticide cans, but we have to spray the manual, not instant. You have to buy his first spray tool as sprays of birds/plant. Then mix the medicine with water in the sprayer. Then spray to place termite nest.

Use Termite Bait

This is the method that is most suitable for those who love the go-green and don't want to touch or smell his chemical altogether. That is dipancing by means of feedback. There are 2 types of termite bait, namely indoor and outdoor bait bait. Indoor use for bait, bait pool used for the outside of the room or the home page.

How to use indoor bait bait is put up on the wall or on the ceiling near the soil line of the termite itself. Use double thick tip (which is the color of green-black) so that the sticky bait with the walls of the House. Then wait for the results 1-2 weeks later, termites will eat the bait and bring the bait to the colony to his Queen, and they all died.

If the bait, his way was by planted in soil or your home page. Then it is left up to a few weeks, if the wood bait has been eaten by termites, then wood with poison bait gantu hexamufluron or diflubenzuron, and termites will die to form colonies.

By Calling Anti Termite Services

This is a method of exterminating the termites are the most efficient, because you call a company experienced in the field of termite pest control. The method used is the prevention and the extermination itself.

The murder itself is done by spraying method using termisida until thoroughly, spraying on termite active areas such as ceilings, kitchen set, cabinets, and other furniture. While the prevention itself is done by the method of injecting in the 1st floor aims to let the termites in the soil could not rise above the surface of the House. As for alternative methods other methods of feedback.