how is a termite inspection done

Termite Inspection of your home and property are very important for finding and treating termites before they cause expensive damage.
how is a termite inspection done

Termites are typically active in secret to make the presence of termites difficult detected. Usually we just realized the existence of termites after they cause severe damage. Common signs of the presence of termites, among others:

The soil in the form of tubes of mud on the floor, walls and other structures.
The presence of swarmer indoors, usually found on the floor and near a window.
Damaged wood to the ground.
Heard a faint voice/sound wall or wood.

Process Inspection (Termite Inspection)
Termite Inspection is visual observation technicians check the areas of your home and property that can be accessed. Skills, knowledge and experience of a technician is very important here.

The examination was conducted in accordance check list of buildings, including:

  • Interior: kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, electrical panels, skirting boards and gypsum walls, wooden doors, wooden flooring and carpets, ceiling and list profile (Cornice).
  • will examine other wood in accordance with the roof construction, such as: vertical beam (Ander), diagonal beams.
  • Basement: Pole buildings, walls.
  • Inspection: the Exterior door frames and Windows, and wooden fascia boards that are part of, or attached to the House. The garden and the property also checked and this can include trees, landscape, old stumps and storage area.