how to get a termite bond

How to get a termite bond.
It is understandable that the buyer might not think  "do I need a Termite Bond? " when they visit the houses looking for properties that are ideal for their needs. However, it is recommended (especially in places like the South where termites are a problem) to always do a termite inspection conducted by a qualified professional.
how to get a termite bond

Although they are usually requested by the lender, technically here in Georgia, Termite Bond not required to sell the property. But smart shoppers to get new bonds or assume that already exists.

What is a Termite Bond?
Termite bond is a contract between the homeowner and pest control companies, effective after the examination has been carried out and all treatments performed. Termite bond is a type of insurance. If you need care, bonding the termites can act as an insurance policy. Depends on the terms of the bonds of termites, insurance policies can cover the replacement cost of the home owners for the cost of repairs of damage termites, termite treatments, and the treatments are repeated property.

Termite treatment for recurrence free for the life of the bond. The annual inspection is usually included and many companies also compensate damages (they pay for the repair/replacement) if termites do damage.

The seller of the seller's disclosure shows if they have a bond that can be transferable or not so there should be no confusion about whether it already exists or not. As a buyer, you spend a lot of money for a home, why not have peace of mind knowing your home termite-free? With termites, if you don't pay protection now, you can pay a lot more later!