life cycle of a termites

Life cycle of a termites.
Termite life cycle starting from an orange-coloured soft transparent Eggs which will further develop into larvae. The larvae will then grow into young termites called a Nymph (nymphs). When moving this young adult, termites will choose their role in the colony.
life cycle of a termites

Become a termite workers

The first role is the Termite workers, with the largest amounts in the colony. Their job searching and storing food, caring for the parent and the larvae, build and repair the nest. Termites of this caste can damage wooden structure because it has the ability to digest the cellulose in the wood, where the results of digestion will be spewed out and presented as food carrier, servicemen and the larvae. This type of termite damaging Formosan termites are the most because it has a very large colony.

Become a soldier termite

The other role is to be Termite soldiers who guarded the nest and the entire colony. The warrior caste has specialized Anatomy and behavior against their primary enemy, ants. This type of termite has a large jaw so that they cannot afford to eat on its own. Termite workers they rely on to provide them with food flooded. Termites termite soldiers and workers alike have no eyes and usually live a maximum of two years.

Become A Termite Reproduks

Termites-termites it is a candidate for the King and Queen of the new colony. To be laron, Laron nymphs should be through a process of metamorphosis is not perfect. The shape of their bodies are still sleek and only those who have wings in the Kingdom of termites. This wing is required to move to build a new colony, two pairs of wings with the same size will emerge from their backs. Because of this the termite order Isoptera are classified in (iso = equal, and pteron = wing).

This reproductive termites often we refer to as the termites fly and appears before the rain. Reproductive termites have eyes that are not owned by termites termite workers or soldiers. Their beautiful body shape for the termites (slender and wingless) will not last long. Their wings are very fragile, and will soon fall out once they have found a place to build a new colony. If elected Queen of the female body, laron will not lean and obese, because the purpose of his life to death is laying for the colony.