swarmer termites

Who does not know the swarmer termites? We all certainly know swarmer termites. Insects that appear at night and always mecari light source to gather. Each swarmer termites appear, certainly in great numbers. Surely we definitely hassle with many of his swarmer termites. So a group of swarmer termites come, every house is definitely quickly so as not to turn off the lights in her house went to swarmer termites.
swarmer termites

swarmer termites

But, do you ever think, why do swarmer termites gathered at the light source, such as a lamp or why swarmer termites has always dismissed his wing that night? or know about you that swarmer termites that live just one night?. This time will discuss on unique facts about swarmer termites that may for some people haven't learned his facts.

1. swarmer termites are termites.

swarmer termites That actually are Termites termite females and Adult Males, will become of swarmer termites Have wings. Well the swarmer termites do reproduction in order to produce offspring.

2. termites swarmer came out at the start of the rainy season.

Termite males and females who are already mature and have the wings will come out at the beginning of the rainy season. So the arrival of swarmer termites are often considered a harbinger of the beginning of the rainy season.

3. the swarmer termites are gathered in the light source to find a partner.

At the beginning of the rainy season, the swarmer termites will come out of the nest and find a mate with gathered around the light source. So the swarmer termites out of the nest to find a mate and form a colony of termites.

4. the swarmer termites live only 1 night.

Actually the swarmer termites not only live one night. Termite swarmer termites are, and certainly he has a long life before becoming a swarmer termites. swarmer termites who died was a swarmer termites do not find his partner will die when dawn arrives. While the swarmer termites who discovered her partner will establish new colonies and termites Females will become Queen in her new colony.