best way to get rid of bed bugs

The existence of bed bugs can not be underestimated. Not only does it interfere with comfort when sleeping, it also carries many ailments.
best way to get rid of bed bugs

Ranging from skin diseases, to breathing. Moreover, these little creatures eat blood every five to 10 days and can survive for a year without eating. One female bed bugs can produce up to 500 eggs. So the harder it is to completely eradicate it entirely.

If this happens to you, you may be stressed out and hurry to replace the mattress. But don't panic first, follow effective bed bugs killing tips and some tips to prevent it from appearing back.

1. Check the source of the coming bed bugs

First of all start by identifying the coming source bed bugs. Check the pillow, mattress, and bed frame. Also check the furniture in the room. For example the table next to the mattress, closet, or if there is a sofa in the room, check also the sofa and sofa pillow. When hunting is done at night, use flashlight and microscope to make it easier for you.

What is the indication of bed bugs?

  • Stains like scars on sheets or mattresses signify that there is a dead bed of bugs
  • Black spots such as spot markers signifies bed bugs wasting dirt on mattresses or sheets
  • Live Bed bugs.

Once you know the source of the coming bed bugs, then plan to eradication the bed bugs in the ways that will be explained later in this article.

2. Extermination of Bed bugs

There are various ways that can be taken to eradicate bed bugs. Starting from that using chemicals, to the natural way though. You can choose which one suits your preferences best.

Drying Bed

The simplest way that can be done is to dry the mattress and pillow and bolsters. Drying in direct sunlight because the bed bugs are prone to high temperatures. But make sure when you want to move the mattress, keep away from other items in the room so that the lice do not move.

Spray kerosene and camphor mixture

Combine the kerosene and camphor into the bottle, then spray it to the area that is a nest bed bugs.

Spray insecticide

Use a bug-repellent drug with unharshly toxic levels. Spray to the surface of the mattress and do periodically until the time of egg bed bugs hatch come. It is done so that no new generation of bed bugs can evolve.

Use vinegar fluid

Vinegar is not only beneficial as a foodstuff, but also to eradicate annoying insects, one of which is bed bugs. Just spray the vinegar liquid on the nest bed bugs, and the bed bugs will die.

3. Preventing return of the presence of bed bugs

After a number of ways above, it is now time to prevent the bed bugs from coming back. Here's how you can:

  • Wash and dry dirty clothes at high temperatures
  • Remove the clothes used to travel directly to the washing machine
  • Space the bed from the wall