home remedies to get rid of bed bugs permanently

Bed bugs that have a scientific name Cimex Hemioterus is a human destruction pest. The lice are 5 millimetres in size. The problem of pest bed bugs are many found in homes, office buildings, or human places in other activities. Regular bed bugs stay on top of mattress surfaces as well as pillow surfaces and sofa mounts, to behind paintings or posters until the wall gaps. Bite Bed bugs make the skin feel reddish itching. Then if your home is also a place to live lice, how to exterminate?
home remedies to get rid of bed bugs permanently

Steps to home remedies to get rid of bed bugs permanently

This Bed bugs can reproduce quickly and survive until monthly until yearly. Its spread is also fast. If you suspect where your stay is filled with bed bugs, check out the effective exterminate below.

1. Check every corner of the house

Quickly check out all angles of your own home corner. Earlier you find it, then the spread of bed bugs can be solved. Bedbugs usually stay on the edges and mattress surfaces, in the cracks of walls or floors, the edges of home furniture, to the bottom of paintings and posters on the walls.

Use the magnifying glass to inspect all the areas. The marks of Bedbugs are:

  1. Adult life bedbugs are reddish and sized slightly long. There is also a little round.
  2. Young bedbugs can be pale egg yolks, such as egg shells and small forms.
  3. There are little black spots on the mattress signifying Bedbugs dirt ever wandering around.

2. If Bedbugs are found, capture and collect

It's good that you find pretty much Bedbugs straight away destroyed before you continue hunting the nest. If it's a little and possible, put Bedbugs in your catches into a sealed bottle that has been filled with a teaspoon of alcohol.

However, if the number is numerous, use a vacuum cleaner. Suck the top and sides of your bed, cupboards, carpets, and other house cracks.

Next, immediately pour the dust collected in the vacuum cleaner into the sealed plastic bag, pour a few tablespoons of alcohol and dispose away. Then clean your vacuum cleaner tool thoroughly.

3. Clean the items affected by Bedbugs

All of the objects that Bedbugs have ever had, such as linen and pillowcases, tablecloths, curtains, furry dolls, and clothes must be separated from clean items for washing. Wash in the washing machine with hot water and dry it immediately in the washing machine. If your machine does not have a drying feature, immediately dry it under the hot sun.

Other home furnishings such as sofas, mattresses, and pillows and bolsters should be sucked with a vacuum cleaner and then sundry under the sun.

If Bedbugs were in unwashed items like in a pile of books and magazines, wipe and close the tightly with the plastic so that the fleas over time would die out of air and no more new bugs could come in.

If the item is possible to remove, it should be discarded. Do not move the goods from Bedbugs infected rooms to the clean room or space. This precisely makes Bedbugs more pervades. Replace your worn pillow and bolsters.

Also improve the cracks of walls or floors with plaster to reduce Bedbugs hiding place.

4. Spray insecticide if needed

If the above means not to root the Bedbugs, spray your house with insecticide. A potent insecticide to kill a Bedbugs colony should contain one of the following chemicals:

Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids. But in some places, Bedbugs is already resistant to this chemical.

Neonicotinoid, works on Bedbugs that are already resistant to other pesticides.

Bedbugs are not resistant to these chemicals, but their effectiveness is slow.

If the case is repeated, it is recommended that you call the pest control professional officers. Pest control professionals have more complete equipment and Bedbugs more powerful disinfectant which can more effectively eradicate Bedbugs.