home remedy to get rid of bed bugs

Without you aware of the bed bugs you can find in the mattress. Although it is often invisible but a perceived effect you can feel. If you have a mattress that is not cleaned for years, then be careful because bed bugs can fulfill your mattress. The existence of bed bugs can make the infection of allergic diseases.
home remedy to get rid of bed bugs

In order to keep the mattress clean and spared from bed bugs, then do some phases eliminating the bed bugs. Home remedy to get rid of bed bugs:

1. Drying Mattress

The simple thing but quite influential on the cleanliness of the mattress is to put it down. Sun beds, pillows, bolsters and blankets in direct sunlight. Before drying, you should move the items in the room so that the dust and bed bugs do not spread elsewhere during the drying process.

2. Wash with hot water

Mix hot water with anti-bacterial soap, then clean the mattress, pillow and bolsters. Dry in direct sunlight.

3. Evaporation

You can use the kettle and add a small hose and wipe it along the mattress stitches. Clean also between mattresses and beds. Try all angles to get hot steam.

4. Sprinkle silica Gel

Silica gel Can you use to remove bed bugs. This bug repellent is used by sown to all rooms and part of the mattress. Thus, the bed bugs will stick to silica gel and die by itself.

5. Candles

If you have candles at home, it can be used to remove the lice in the mattress. Just drop the wax fluid that is burned into the gap where the bed bugs are located. For the budget, can adjust to the needs and mattress area. This natural way is considered effective enough to eradicate bedbugs.

6. Insecticide

You can spray the mosquito repellent to eradicate the bed bugs. Choose an insecticide with a poison that is not too harsh. Eradicate bedbugs in this way is quite practical. You can do this spraying until egg bed bugs hatch.

7. Salt

Mix the salt and water and insert it into the spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture into the mattress and other areas of the nest bedbugs. The mixture is quite simple and certainly can be easily made at home.

8. Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the ingredients that is quite multifunctional. Just spray vinegar to place a nested bed bugs. Then the bedbugs and eggs will quickly die. Vinegar does not need to mix water for this one ingredient. Simply move it to the spray bottle.

Or you can use a mattress cleaning service to remove the hard to reach bed bugs.