how to get rid of bed bugs by home remedies

Feeling itchy when waking up? Immediately be vigilant, lest there be bed bugs in your bed!
how to get rid of bed bugs by home remedies

Although small, problems that arise because of the existence of bed bugs can not be underestimated. Besides being an indication that your mattress and bed are not clean, the existence of bed bugs can not even be washed by mere insect medication (insecticide). Moreover, bed bugs can easily move along with clothes, furniture, and bedding.

Not just annoying. Bed bugs can also be a source of disease, especially skin and respiratory systems. As it is known, this bed bugs is one of the types of insects that drink blood, regular bite and so aggressive when the night. The problem is, once bed bugs stay, it will not close the possibility of laying eggs and breeding there. As information, the average adult bed bugs are able to produce about five eggs per day! In addition, they generally love the folds of mattresses and other hidden places! It is worth noting that things like sofa bed can also potentially be a bed bugs.

Indeed, there are a lot of ways that you can do to overcome bed bugs. This includes drying the mattress or just spraying insecticide. Unfortunately, these ways are not entirely effective. After drying for example, bed bugs do not immediately die easily. If anything, it's just a part. Then, how to get rid of bed bugs by home remedies? Let's read more about the following description!

1. Change the pattern of life

The most fundamental way to eradicate mattress lice is to change the lifestyle to be cleaner. Every day, cleanse your bed with a broom and for at least a month, clean the bed sheets and blankets and then dry up dried. Well, if you want maximum results, you can soak the sheets and blankets first with hot water and detergent.

Frequent breaks dry the mattress or blanket in a hot place, then hit by a double-hitter. At least, do it for two to three hours. This way it will force the uncomfortable bed bugs and finally get out of place hiding. The next step is to clean the former mattress area until thoroughly clean. Here are some steps you can try:

Using Antibacterial Cleaners

Wipe the mattress surface with Lysol, or other cleaning fluid. Do it with details and completely clean, without forgetting the folds of the mattress, frame, and other unreachable corners. Also, every table or furniture around the bed.

Hair Dryer to eradicate bed bugs

Slowly, turn on the hair dryer or the dryer mattress with the highest degree of heat possible. Use above all the mattress areas to scorch the lice and eggs. Should be avoided letting the hair dryer take a long time in one place, especially to prevent the risk of fire.

Well, for the space that has been exposed to bed bugs, immediately clean up by removing all the items in the room first. Sweep, mop, and give fragrances to the room. If necessary, use the vaccum cleaner too, to clean the dust and reach narrow and difficult places.

As for the same as mosquitoes, the mattress ticks dislike the smell of fragrance especially lavender flowers. In addition to lavender, some types of fragrance that you can try are eucalyptus, pappermint, and tea tree.

2. Maximize air circulation and light

No need to create multiple windows. Simply open the window every morning and let the sunlight and fresh air into your bedroom. However, bed bugs like dark and damp places so let the sunlight come in is one way to "eradicate" the bed bugs in your room.

Kerosene and Camphor

Mix the kerosene with camphor that has been pounded until smooth. Stir evenly, then apply a mixture on the sidelines of mattresses, beds, and certain corners that are believed to have become "houses" of bed bugs. As information, a mixture of kerosene and camphor itself is believed to be able to shut down bed bugs, eggs.


Combine tobacco with water, then shake briefly until dissolved. Spray the solution to the mattress. Well, for maximum results, you can sprinkle some handheld tobacco under the mattress.

Plastic bags

Prepare a new large black plastic bag. After that, wrap up the sheets, towels, blankets, or items that you consider to have bed bugs with the plastic bag earlier. Bind the plastic and try to avoid any gaps that can be entered into the air.

Then sundry the plastic bag under the sunlight for approximately one to two hours. As for the black color on the plastic is able to absorb heat, and increase the temperature in the plastic, so indirectly the bed bugs that are in it will die.

Utilizing silica Gel

First, you can grind a certain amount of silica gel crystals, then sow them in the corners of the bedroom. This could be by sprinking some on the mattress, around the mattress, and along the wall. As for this silica gel is believed to be able to stick to the body of the mattress lice and will not be able to loose, so it can slowly make the bed bugs dehydrated then die.

That's some way of eradicating bed bugs effectively. Well, for the maximum results, you can ask for direct help of the company's professional services. As for the general, they are already trained and "understand" how to find bed bugs and they have a myriad of ways and tools that are ready to use.