how to get rid of bed bugs fast home remedy

How to root a bed bugs? How to clean the bed bugs? How to expel bed bugs? If this question appears in your case, you may have been right because you chose this article to read. Because below we will give you some tips that you can use to solve the problem. Read to finish so that your knowledge is complete!
how to get rid of bed bugs fast home remedy

These bed bugs are often invisible, but their presence can be felt when you sleep or occupy a certain place. Some of them are mattresses, pillows, sofas, carpets and cause itching because of biting and sucking blood like mosquitoes. How do I clean a mattress, pillow, or chair so that it is free of bed bugs? Here are some simple tips you can apply!

1. Drying Mattress and pillow

This is quite simple but powerful to expel the bed bugs from your home. Before drying the mattress, pillow, and bolsters, it is good if you keep away other materials that usually become bed bugs hiding. This is to prevent bed bugs from moving in the place.

2. Using salt water

Seasoning Kitchen This one has anti-bacterial and also potent to expel the bed bugs. Use only by dissolving the salt with water and then spray on the area where the bed bugs are usually nested.

3. Make use of vinegar

This fluid flavoring can also be used to give a very disturbing bed bugs. Just spray it using a used fragrance perfume, then bed bugs will blur by itself. The effect of vinegar is that its smell is less savory. So you have to dry the material that you have spray earlier.

4. Evaporation

This is perfect for those of you who have a steam iron. Because it can be directly applied to mattresses, pillows, or bolsters that are walred. Make evaporation on the sidelines of the mattress or pillow evenly, and you will also be free from problem bed bugs.

5. Sprinkle Silica Gel

This material you can use to remove the bed bugs. Sprinkle on all the areas in your room especially those with bed bugs. Then the bed bugs will be stuck then will die by itself. The exterminator is quite effective and can be applied as an alternative.

6. Making use of Lavender oil

Although it can be used live event, lavender flowers can also be processed into oil to be more effective in driving down bed bugs. The Aroma of this flower is strongly disliked by the bed bugs, so it can be concluded that lavender is a simple alternative that you can use. Spray oil or put dry lavender flowers under the mattress.

7. Using Candles

Wax is a material that is quite potent to eliminate bed bugs. The trick is to shed fluid liin in a gap where usually a nest bed bugs. Do it evenly so that your bed bugs are completely clean.

8. Using Onion juice

The ingredient mixture can use onion and garlic. Blend the two types of onions and add a little water to the gel shape. Next apply on the corners of the mattress that is commonly faved bed bugs to nesting.

9. Using Kerosene and Camphor

This mixture of material is very potent to kill bed bugs. Simply mix the ingredients together and then spray on the area that becomes a nest bed bugs. Besides practical, this material is also easier to obtain.

10. Spraying Insecticide

This compound is widely contained in some anti-insect medications. One of them is mosquito spray medication that you can use to expel the bed bugs on your mattress. With the spray Insektida, then in the moment the bed bugs will die.

11. Uses Vacuum Cleaners

It is somewhat easier but should be more routine in application. Vacuum cleaners can clean bed bugs with their eggs. So you will be safe from interruption of bed bugs even in a moment's time. Because it could have bedbugs come again and multiply faster.