how to get rid of bed bugs fast

Have you ever felt itching on skin when waking up? And also see reddish spots on the legs, hands, or around the neck? If yes, then be careful that your home is likely to be attacked by bedbugs.

Bedbugs not only nested on the mattress, but also in some places such as sofas, chairs and a place of piles of goods that could potentially give Bedbugs this warm place to lay eggs.

Bedbugs nested on mattresses and other places can come to humans and suck blood through the skin's surface. Is it dangerous? And how to remove it? Here's the explanation!

What is bedbugs?
how to get rid of bed bugs fast

Bedbugs are parasitic insects in the group called Cimex. This group of parasite insects is red tanned and potentially large blood suck.

In addition, insects in the Cimex not only suck blood on the human body, but also has other types that suck the blood of animals.

According to some sources, bedbugs are harmless, but have negative effects that can be felt in the body if they occur continuously.

What are the symptoms if we are affected by bedbugs?

The first symptom that can be felt if our blood is sucked in by bedbugs is itching on the skin. And some parts like legs, hands, surrounding neck and other open parts.

In addition, it will look at red spots resembling small injections. Gradually the Red Spots will blackened and imbibe if left untreated.

In addition to the red rash on the skin, bedbugs attack can also cause negative psychological effects if one is constantly being sucked in the blood by bedbugs.

In addition, these places that are attacked by bedbugs will be smelled by smells like bad smell.

How to treat scar wounds bedbugs?

The red spots caused by the scars of bedbugs can be easily cured with a skin cream medication prescribed by a physician and can also prescribe antibiotics from a doctor if the former bite makes the skin wound and infected.

When the symptoms of stutteration by bedbugs are resolved and treated, bedbugs should be immediately destroyed, because otherwise, bedbugs will be attacked again and the wound will undergo a longer healing process.

What are the steps to remove bedbugs? How to get rid of bed bugs fast?

Household furniture that has been attacked by bedbugs should be cleaned until thoroughly until the eggs are completely lost. The following steps can be done to remove bedbugs in your home.

Removes bedbugs on the mattress.
Remove the wrapping sheets, if you have a mattress frame immediately check it too.

Bedbugs are generally reddish brown and quite small but sometimes still visible to the naked eye. However, greyish-coloured eggs are difficult to find because they stick and sometimes are in unreachable places.

Bedbugs prefer wooden mattresses compared to metal-made springs. If you have a wooden skeleton mattress, it is more than a mattress. Here are the steps you can take to clear bedbugs on the mattress.

Remove the mattress and the skeleton from the room to avoid the running of bedbugs to other furniture in your room.

Brush your mattress with special soap-busting lice or anti bacterial cleansing soap.

Do the same thing on the pillow case, bolsters, and the laundry sheets with hot water (at least 45 degrees) and soap.

Dry the mattress in the sun and dry until completely unwet and moist before being put back into the room. A damp mattress can invite Bedbugs to re-nesting.

Removes bedbugs in furniture other than bedding
Bedbugs are not only in mattresses, but household furniture such as drawers and chairs can also be used as nests.

How to destroy it is to clear all drawer contents, clean up the items where bedbugs are affected. If it allows far from the reach of children, give lime barren to the tips of the closet drawer.

Eliminate bedbugs that have spread to various places.
If bedbugs have already spread to various places, the best way is to spray with anti-pest liquids to kill bedbugs and eggs which may not be reachable by hand.

Also, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dead lice on the carpet.

Bedbugs can be prevented by checking and cleaning the furniture periodically. Also, don't forget to leave a lot of garbage around the bed, sofa and carpet.

If you've found bedbugs or bedbugs bite symptoms don't hesitate to quickly inspect or clean the furniture thoroughly.