how to get rid of bed bugs for good

Bed bugs are insects that are small oval, flat and brown with a length of about 5 mm that is nasty.  In addition to creating a distinctive smell, bed bugs often "colonized" on the sidelines of the bed that makes stains difficult to clean.
how to get rid of bed bugs for good

Bedbugs usually appear at night, spreading out of the cracks of the mattress at night then eating the human blood that causes the skin to be exposed to the bite.

Below are some solutions how to get rid of bed bugs for good

1. Cleaning the Mattress

Clean the bed regularly and use a vacuum cleaner to get sucked into the sidelines of your mattress. Next cover the mattress with plastic. Cover the protective for about one week. This, will prevent bed bugs from getting out of the mattress and make the starving bed bugs because it cannot be food that will eventually cause them to starve to death.

2. Cleaning the area around the mattress

Bedbugs are not only on the sheets but can also hide in furniture, draperies, and cardboard boxes under the bed or on clothes that are located in the laundry basket. One of the best ways to eliminate bed bugs is to keep the room clean from dust. Keep the clothes in a tightly sealed place. Try clearing the entire room periodically or regularly.

3. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is an easy solution in the event of an attack. Take twenty drops of eucalyptus oil and thin it with 200 ml of water then spray this mixture into the affected area of the bed bugs. This oil not only kills them, but it is also possible to mask the smell of humans that would normally draw a bed bugs. Keep doing this process for at least 10 days.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda can kill the usual bed bugs in bed. Grab a baking soda in bulk and sprinkle into the affected area of bedbugs. Save it for a few days and if it needs to be sprinkle again every day. Baking Soda helps in physically drying the skin, causing dead bed bugs.

5. Vinegar

The strong vinegar scent is helpful to repel insects. The ideal way is to put the vinegar on the ends of the infected area like below and around the furniture. In this way when insects escape because they smell a sting and finally do not return because they do not resist the smell of vinegar.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol is a popular home remedy for bed bugs. Keep alcohol on the edge of your bed, below and around the furniture thoroughly with alcohol around it. When bed bugs inhale the pungent aroma of alcohol it will die.

7. Boraks

First, save the borax on the mattress and immediately afterwards spray water on it to repel the bedbugs. Practice this every day for five days to get good results. Boraks can also be used to wash clothes and sheets that have been affected by bedbugs. Add some of them with laundry soap and dry it. The bed bugs will disappear forever.

8. Salt

Salt is another natural repellent for bed bugs. Once you spray salt then the insects that crawl around you will die, bedbugs will be instantly dying in a short time. Salt is an effective way of eliminating bed bugs.

9. Onion

Make onion juice and apply to all the areas that are traversed by bed bugs. The strong Aroma of onion juice cuts the insect breathing zone.

10. Lavender Leaf

This lavender smell drives out bed bugs quickly. Simply place the dried lavender leaves between two pieces of cloth and store them around the bed. Keep doing every day for about 15 days.