red bugs in bed

Ever felt itching or another bad feeling when lying in bed in your room? Beware, it could be a sign of the bed bugs! The relatively small size makes us harder to see it with the naked eye.
red bugs in bed

Typically, bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, but they sometimes appear to be bright red. The reason for the difference between red bed bugs and brown bed bugs lies in their feeding habits. These insects feed exclusively on the blood of their host animal. Their preferred animal host is a human. When an adult bed bug has not taken a blood meal they are reddish-brown. However, once they consume a meal, their color will be bright red because their body is now filled with blood.

The bed bugs are supposed to be one indication of a dirty room and prone to illness. From trivial things such as itching that results in red or wound to the skin to acute allergies that can be bad if left too long.

Start your steps to overcome the problem of bed bugs by knowing 7 simple signs about their existence.

1. When the comfort of sleeping or lying on the mattress is reduced 

Bed bugs tend to be more active when there is a human being lying down or sleeping with no consciousness on it. Moreover, if the human being is after full activity and have not had a shower before bedtime. It is similar to expanding the play area for the bed bugs. If you start to feel itchy or like there are mosquitoes that have the skin of the body, it is likely that bed bugs are the cause.

2. Detect with your sense of smell

Bed bugs are active in generating pheromones, or natural substances secreted from within the body. Due to the general existence of bed bugs always in the colony, the smell of pheromones produced is certainly many times fold easier to smell. The bad news, the smell referred to here is an unpleasant odor: generally smell musty. Simply put, if the room especially the surface of the mattress has started to smell like a wet socks or a gym dressing room that is full of humans, you need to do the inspection because it is likely there is a colony of bed bugs behind the situation.

3. Appear a used attack of bed bugs on your body

It is a sign that is most easily detected and at least we want of course. Their former attacks tend to be difficult to distinguish from other insect bites such as mosquitoes. But here are some characters that might help you better recognize them.

  1. Used in the form of attack: generally characterized by reddish areas (small to large). The texture also varies from flat ' graded ' to Bentol.
  2. The flavors caused: generally itchy but do not close the possibility of traces of their attacks just simply imprint without itching.
  3. Areas on the body are targeted: any area that is not closed. But their soft targets are generally around the ankles, hands, neck, chest and back.
  4. Attack time: Bed bugs include nocturnal animals. They are active at night. But the less direct the sunlight in your room, the longer the "main hour" of the bed bugs.
  5. Another sign: bite-Used bed bugs generally not only one in one attack. Their unique character is how they tend to bite more than one region as a ' experiment ' until they find the most delicious region on the surface of our skin to eat his blood. Therefore, generally used bite bed bugs will be patterned as mentioned earlier.

4. See the scars

The shape is like a black, leaking pen ink. In fact, this black-and-dark stool is a digestible, bed bugs that has been digested. To make sure if it is really dirt bed bugs, you just have to try to wipe the dirty surface with a dampened piece of cloth or wet wipes. If the dirt leaves scars, it's more smelly, then it is true that the scar belongs to the colony of bed bugs.

5. The discovery of egg bed bugs

Egg bed bugs generally look like grains of rice with a size of 3 times smaller. It can still be captured with the naked eye though not so obvious. If noted, the texture is slightly resembling pearls that appear smooth and fragile. You can perform the existence of this rotten flea egg inspection on the surface of the mattress and bed linen. A female mattress worm is said to be able to produce 5 eggs daily and 500 eggs for the whole life. Imagine how many troops bed bugs would be born from a small pest colony this one if we don't take immediate action!

6. There is a shell or lice skin resembling the crumbled popcorn scattered 

The size is relatively smaller than the typical bed bugs that are around 2.5 mm to 4.5 mm. The shape like a transparent skeleton is likely to be the same as the original bed bugs. If noted, it is almost resembling the classic popcorn crumbs. Unlike the eggs that can be found on the surface of the mattress, the shell or lice skin is more commonly scattered in the cavity or cracks in the mattress framework, especially made of wood.

7. If adult bed bugs are visible to the naked eye

The most unpleasant sign that can happen. That is when you can see with your own eyes an insect that resembles Apple fruit seed with a size of 4.5 to 8.8 mm running on the surface of your mattress. The color is not only black because the bed bugs that will be normal blood is reddish. If a sign of this one has already appeared, can be said the situation of your bed is already standby one would be a small pest sucks this one.

We need to give back, 7 this sign is just an easy and practical way as the first step of this small pest inspection. In many cases, the bed bugs can be easily lived, colonists, and run their ' functions without our knowledge.

Maximize your business to free your home especially your bedroom from bed bugs routinely conduct thorough inspections, regularly changing mattress sheets, to occasionally utilize trusted professional services that are skilled at cleaning every corner Home until back clean.