where do bed bugs come from

You are not the only person in this world who has a annoying experience when it comes to dealing with bedbugs. Have you ever thought, what causes bedbugs? Where are the bedbugs?
where do bed bugs come from

Did you know? Bedbugs are ' uninvited guests ' at home that are often carried away when you are on vacation

Bedbugs are also known as pests that often stick and move from clothing or bags that are carried on board. The bad news, there have been many victims of bedbugs bites found on airplanes!

Holidays should be fun without having to deal with problems due to bedbugs bites. However, if you are thinking of undo the holiday intent because to avoid bedbugs bites, this is also not something that is right and guarantees you safe from pest bedbugs!

In addition to being carried away from bags or clothing, bedbugs can also move places from humans to other humans. This means that as long as there is human or human contact with the surface, the risk of bedbugs bites will always appear in your home or office!

Bedbugs Facts

1. Bedbugs not interested in dirt, but in warm human body

Unlike other common pests such as roaches or rats interested in dirt, bedbugs prefer the heat and the warmth of the human body! So, understanding that a clean hotel or resort is a safe place of bedbugs bite is a big mistake!

Bedbugs need blood to survive (similar to a female mosquito that eats human blood to get protein), and this is no wonder why the bedroom, especially the sleep area where the human heat is highly detectable is a risky area High of the bedbugs bite.

2. Luggage deposited in the hotel's respist is the cause of the emergence of bedbugs

Who does not like the extra services so the hotel staff can bring your luggage to your room or enjoy the convenience of luggage storage at the hotel reception a minute before you leave the hotel for a quick shopping trip?

Think of it once again the habits. While you may need to be extra cautious in your own baggage sanitation, there is no guarantee that bedbugs will not be carried away in your bags or suitcases during the reception desk.

3. How routine is the mattress cleaned?

Regular clean-up activities in the room, including regular bed sheets change and vacuuming indoors can minimize the bite bedbugs you find in the room.

During the cleaning process, signs of the existence of animal bedbugs may be visible to you, and if you report this problem to the service of a trusted pest control, they are able to prevent and eliminate bedbugs with treatment as early as possible for you.

4. The risk of bedbugs bites is much higher in cold-temperature places with high occupancy rates

The hotel lobby and lounge room is a place where many people will be served while waiting for the hotel's check-in process. With the sheer number of visitors coming from all corners of the world, we are unlikely to be able to control the spread of cross-contamination between one individual and another.

In addition to being attracted to the hot temperature of the human body, bedbugs are also able to endure even freezing temperatures! Then it is not surprising if the sofa chair with the comfortable arm chair, the cold room in the waiting room is safe from bedbugs bites.

Contact Pest control immediately to get a complete and thorough inspection of the house in minimizing the risk or possible foul lice attacks in your residence.