Australian Cockroach Control, How to Kill Australian Roaches

Australian Roaches
Periplaneta australasiae
Australian Cockroach Control, How to Kill Australian Roaches
Egg Australian Roaches
Australian Cockroach Control, How to Kill Australian Roaches
Australian Roaches

Australian Cockroach Identification

It is similar to American Roach but in smaller sizes. Rarely over 1-1/4 inches long. They have a yellow area on their chest as seen in the image.
Its color is reddish brown. They can be identified by yellow stripes along the outer front edge of the wing.
In Florida, they are generally called  "palmetto Bug ", just like the American Roach.

Australian Roach Diet

They will eat plant material and decaying materials. They love to starch materials in houses like binding books and glue in boxes. They have eaten holes in the clothes.

Habits and Biology of Australian Cockroaches

They are mostly found in the south and tropical areas such as Hawaii. They are found in houses in the North due to transport and shipping. They can fill well when the temperature stays above 80 degrees.

Females drop egg containers in hidden areas and gaps and gaps. Each computer case has about 24 eggs with a smaller percentage of hatching. Nymph is characterized by yellow patches and takes about a year to thrive.
The roaches are mainly found in the southern United States, but can be found in the northern state of the greenhouse (where the humidity exists).

They are good flyers. They will enter the building where there is enough food, humidity, and heat available.
They can be found in wall cavity, tree holes, piles of leaves, mulch, pile of wood, bark of trees, in and around the bush and greenhouse. Inside they can be found in the attic, kitchen, trash and garage.

Recommendations for Australian Roach Control

Exclusion & Sanitation
  1. Practise exclusion techniques such as sealing gaps, gaps or holes with a compound of crannes, putty or plastic wood.
  2. Remove animal food outside.
  3. Keep the screen, doors, and windows tight.
  4. If practical, take only enough firewood indoors for a day or two to prevent insects from appearing at home.
  5. Individual roaches found inside can be collected with vacuum cleaners or broom and dustpan and discarded.
  6. Caulk all penetrations through ground surface walls.
  7. Stop water leakage, drainage of the screen equipment, and grab the water overflow from the building; Complete or closed drainage.
  8. Remove the rotten leaves from the window wells.
  9. Move the trash cans of the liked moist habitat.
  10. Ventilate the damp room.

Pest Control Products To Use For Australian Cockroaches

Outside Treament

Insecticide sprays:

In general, the control measures should concentrate on the outside of the building and entry point of the American Roach.

These are called treatments  "perimeter or barrier ".

You can use concentrated residual sprays: LambdaStarCap Ultra 9.7, Defense SC Cyper WSP, or Demon WP inside or outside. Spray bands 3-6 feet around the entire house. Spray outside around the door, window, pipe hole, and dryer ventilation.

Suggested products are in the table below. They will need a pump sprayers.

Insecticide Granulars: You can apply granulars around the base of the house, especially in pine straw areas and mulch areas.

Granular Insect Baits:

Insect bait such as the Invict Xpress Granular Bait or Intice Perimeter Bait can be used indoors, outdoors, or in the turf area. Invict Xpress has many food pullers to attract not only American Roach, but also crickets, some ants, Silverfish, Earwigs and Firebrat.

Indoor Treament

Insecticide Sprays:

Apply inside on a base near the entry point (door, window, plumbing under the sink).

On the inside, dab around the plumbing under the sink and connection of the washer and dryer. You don't need to spray all the interior pole base, only the corners and the fringe base in the garage and the basement area.

Insect Baits:

If you have a larger roaches these get into your home from the Attic area (because the tree overhanging the attic or an unclean ditch) using a bait like an Invict Express Insect Baits or Intice Perimeter Baits, will give you results Very good. This insect bait will also be an excellent choice for crawling room and or attic.


Dusty with a hand lap where the American roaches will travel. Such places will be behind the base board, wall outlets, wall holes, and equipment underneath. The suggested dust is D-defense Dust.


Insecticide residue: Lambdastar Ultra Cap 9.7, D-Defense SC, Cyper WSP, and Demon WP as well as granulars residue, Bifen LP Granules should be repeated every three months during the season. The top recommendation is Lambdastar Ultracap 9.7. It has an improved encapsulation formula to make it bind with a better surface and hold it under ultraviolet rays and rain for longer.

Granular Xpress Invict, Intice Perimter lasts about 6 months, free of rain. D-Defense Dust lasts from 6 months to a year, if it is free from rain.