Deer Mouse, White Footed Mice

Deer and White-Footed Mouse

Deer Mouse, White Footed Mice

Deer Mice and White-Footed Mouse Control

This page highlights on how to control deer mice and white mice can be done with snap traps, glue boards or double mouse traps. They have a tendency to store food. If using the bait program, it is best to use the Blox bait used with rods in Mouse's feed station, so they do not bring the bait to be stored/such as pellets for later consumption. The bait should be placed in the same way as for the house Mouse, close to the suspected activity.

About Deer Mice and White-Footed Mice

  1. Both White Footed and Deer Mice have a close appearance.
  2. These rats seldom entered the house, and were usually found in rural locations.
  3. Although these mice are usually outside, they can enter the structure during the cold months. They can enter camping, storage warehouses, garages, and houses.
  4. The Deer rats and white feet had an average body length of about 6 inches, including its tail.
  5. Bicolored: The upper body color is darker than the white bottom.
  6. They breed during the spring and summer season. Their nests may be underground in the cavity about the roots of trees or shrubs, under wooden stems or planks, or in tunnels built by other animals. The nests above the ground can be found in perforated trees, unused equipment, cabinet chambers, unused furniture, wooden piles, fence poles, and bird nests or squirrels.
  7. Deer and white rats are the main carriers of highly virus and Lyme disease. When present, this virus is spread through urine and feces of rats.
  8. Nocturnal
  9. These mice lived in the burrows they had made, abandoned animal burrows, under rocks, at stump, in cracked soil, on rubble, or in other sheltered locations.