Honey Bees & Honey Bee Nest Removal

Bees and Wasps

This page highlights about honey bees can be a serious problem if they find a crack to nest in, a hole in the outer wall, a wrong slit house or a chimney. After finding holes, they nest on empty walls or other interior areas. Nests can persist throughout the winter if well protected.
Honey Bees & Honey Bee Nest Removal

The nest is made of wax cells, which may contain many saved honey. If the bees live, they have an artificial  "AC ", by piping the wings so that the wax does not melt. If they are killed, this candle will begin to melt in the warmer sky, causing the remaining honey to seep out. It may not cause unsightly damage, but it will attract other insects.

It is recommended that nests be moved. Colonies and swarms can only be eliminated by experienced beekeepers. Colony removal in a structure may take several weeks.