How To Tell If A Morgan Dollar Is Fake

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how to tell if a morgan dollar is fake

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Recently weve been getting heaps of fake 1894 morgan dollars.

How to tell if a morgan dollar is fake. Each month in this column we discuss some of the fundamentals of counterfeit detection using counterfeit coins as. Morgan dollar counterfeit detection. If youre not sure what a counterfeit morgan silver dollar looks like or cant tell a fake from authentic then look at the images below of counterfeits and fakes.

Second and of greater concern it marks yet another fake morgan silver dollar discovery in a two year period. However to untrained eyes most people dont realize the difference between authentic and counterfeit silver dollars. 2014 morgan silver dollar fake.

Silver eagle counterfeit detection. I venture to say that theres thousands of fake and counterfeit silver dollars in existence but most are obvious fakes. A real morgan should weigh in at 2673g fakes are usually under.

Well as to why they would fake one it is easy money if they can sell them. The above is obviously counterfeit for many reasons and the incorrect date and mint mark should be the first thing noticed. Sadly there are a lot of fake cc morgans out there.

Lets go back in time two years before we look at the latest counterfeit morgan silver dollar. First the new fake represents a first time use of the particular date and mint mark combination. Some good things to check to see if you have a fake is the weight.

Lest you think spotting fakes is easy take a look at this 1884 s morgan dollar. Monster rainbow toned morgan dollars jhon e. Cash quite possibly the most comprehensive information resource on the web on toned morgans coin toning reid gold coins guide.

This is the standout philadelphia mint coin in the morgan dollar series as only 110000 were struck only 10000 more than the classic key of the series the 1893 s. A real 1884 cc morgan dollar is worth at least 100 in all but truly awful condition.

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