How To Wash Cabbage Patch Dolls With Yarn Hair

Pre treat any stains on the cabbage patch dolls body with a stain stick. Ascertain the materials used to make up your cabbage patch kids hair.

How To Fix Cabbage Patch Kid Yarn Hair

how to wash cabbage patch dolls with yarn hair

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If it has a vinyl body then just scrub up the body and then take out the braids and gently wash the yarn hair by hand with a good detergent being careful not to separate the individual yarn.

How to wash cabbage patch dolls with yarn hair. To handle loops on cabbage patch kid yarn hair simply pull the loops apart. If its the plastic kind of hair like barbies i have no idea lol. Cabbage patch kids are a favorite among many children and collectors.

I like to use an earth friendly dye free dish soap slightly diluted with water. Work the soapy water in to the dolls body arms and legs. The original doll had a cloth body with hair made out of yarn.

The earliest handmade cabbage patch kids had soft sculpted features. If the yarn synthetic not wool or a wool blend i think it might work to firmly wrap a lightweight piece of cloth around her head fasten it so that it wont pull off put her in a pillow slip and wash her in the machine on gentle. Do this two hours before you want to wash it.

Just go through each strand one by one and place it on the right side of the part so that it looks even and neat. Rinse the soap out of the cabbage patch doll and then air dry. Just dont get it wet it turns into a nightmare lol.

Dunking a highly collectible vinta. Sometimes the doll is so dirty it takes 3 or 4 baths to get her clean. If its just yarnlike cabage patch then you should be able to machine wash it on delecates.

Be sure to put a few lightweight clothes in with her so she is not bounced against the sides of the tub. Add two or three squirts of liquid hand soap and mix it in well. First youll need to give your cabbie a nice bubble bath to get rid of the sticky candy doggie kissy smoky yucky stank.

This is a gentle simple way to wash your cabbage patch dolls hair. Often the yarn loops will stick to each other over time but all it takes is a gentle tug to separate out the loops which will make them look a lot nicer. It might be easier to completely undress the doll.

Identify the materials that comprise your dolls head. Is your cabbage patch dolls yarn hair a mess. Remove the clothes from around the dolls head area.

Hair was traditionally made out of yarn though some models with softer cornsilk hair were also available. Hold the head and hair above the water. Place warm water into a large bowl.

Do not wash the head. Washing a cabbage patch kids hair needs to be done gently to ensure the hair isnt ruined in the process. In this video i show you how to clean a cabbage patch doll so that she comes out spotless and smelling lovely.

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