How To Tell A Real American Girl Doll

The original dolls were felicity kirsten samantha and molly. She is a girl who likes swimming as well as arts and crafts who learns the importance of standing up against bullying when she moves.

How To Tell If Your American Girl Doll Is Really An American Girl Doll Youtube

how to tell a real american girl doll

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My kirsten doll was sent to the pleasant company hospital at.

How to tell a real american girl doll. Hope you guys enjoyed that video and comment like and subscribe a. American girl dolls and books were created by pleasant rowland who founded the pleasant company in 1986. I have a few second hand ag dolls that have had hair cuts or the like and i would like to identify which dolls they are.

Answered about 10 years ago. She is made up by the american girl company to tell the story of a real life girl living in the current time. Chrissa has black hair blue eyes light skin and the josefina mold.

The girl of the year is not based on a real person. Hope you guys found that to be a bit helpful with trying to find a real american girl doll. In 1998 the pleasant company was sold to mattel inc.

If you collect american girl dolls you may love a new 18 inch doll line by harmony club dolls. Chrissa was the first and only american girl doll to have two best friend dolls as well as the first and only girl of the year to do so. We really need more information then just what it says on the tag to id her.

Every american girl dolls locks are a wig made of high quality kanekalon sewn into a mesh wig cap which is then glued onto the head. Harmony club dolls has its own brand of 18 premium quality dolls much like american girl at an affordable price. I know the physical differences between the dolls such as hair and eye color.

If they are jly dolls i plan to re wig rather than send them in for a new. American girl made dolls other then the historical dolls. Take out the stuffing of your american girl doll then feel it.

If your stuffing feels soft and tender then you. Thereby making original pleasant company dolls a collectors item. Weve come a long way now and if youve gotten this far congrats.

They are made dolls to order to match the girls they were being made for and other styles. I was wondering if there is a website that can tell me what the numberletter code means on the back of the dolls head. If you tap on a real american girl dolls it will make a light sound.

Dolls have kanekalon wigged hair soft bodies and poseable limbs. There are many ways of. How to tell american girl dolls age how to date your doll when buying second hand pre loved dolls or older dolls sometimes you wont know for sure.

If you tap on a fakes then it will make a loud sound like hard plastic.

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