Is There A Us 1 Million Dollar Bill

What president is on the million dollar bill. The one million dollar bills that exist are novelty banknotes issued by commercial companies such as the bank of millionaires.

One Million Dollar Bill Usa Novelty Banknotes Leftover Currency

is there a us 1 million dollar bill

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This is the original 1 million dollar bill that was printed in 1918 and features salmon chase on the front.

Is there a us 1 million dollar bill. Yes you guess right because there is no 1 million dollar that existed. This is just less than a month. No there is no million dollar bill that is considered legal tender.

Although his name may not be as widely recognized as the presidents who are featured on the other large bills chase was actually a big name in american politics at one time. The us has never printed a 1 million dollar bill and no us bills of any denomination are dated 1940. The highest real denomination of us currency is 10000 but this bill has not been printed since 1940s.

You cant use these novelty bills to pay for things. There is no one million dollar bill in us currency. Which president is on the face of a us one million.

The largest us currency is 100000 which was a limited issue bill printed from december 1934 until january 1935. The us never made one million dollar bills. However there is plenty of fake million dollar bill s out there.

One million dollar bill does not exist example below is just a wild imagination of an artist. If you want to print fake money bills for promotion or just as a joke for a party make sure to make it not the same size color shape font type etc as real money. This was not place into general circulation since these were certificates issued against 100000 worth of gold bullion.

The federal reserve has never printed a banknote worth 100000 million dollar value. There are indeed banknotes of 1 million dollar but these are not legal tender nor are they official banknotes. The federal reserve bank of the united states has never issued a banknote of 1000000 dollars.

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One Million Dollar Bill Usa Novelty Banknotes Leftover Currency

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