Is There A 500 Dollar Bill In America

The 500 bill features william mckinley on the front and the words five hundred dollars on the reverse. The fed and treasury discontinued the 500 bill in 1969 for lack of use.

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is there a 500 dollar bill in america

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Today these notes are highly valuable collectors items that are worth keeping an eye out for.

Is there a 500 dollar bill in america. The 500 bill dates to 1918 when chief justice john marshall s face initially appeared on the denomination. This is a real 1934 series a 500 federal reserve note from the united states of america. The first 500 note was issued by north carolina authorized by legislation dated may 10 1780.

500 dollar bills is there really a 500 dollar bill. But as i mentioned there are two series of five hundred dollar notes. The treasury minted several versions of the 500 bill featuring a portrait of president william mckinley on the front.

Over the years several versions of the us. Banks were permitted to distribute the bills until 1969 when president nixon issued an order ending. On july 14 1969 david m.

Five hundred dollar bill 500 united states of america paper money bill 500. You would be right to be skeptical but the answer is yes. This is a great piece of history and these are getting very rare and hard to get.

Kennedy the 60th secretary of the treasury and officials at the federal reserve board announced that they would immediately stop distributing currency in denominations of 500 1000 5000 and 10000. 500 series 1928 1934 green seal these green seal notes 500 bills with the green seal are often called federal reserve notes bear the portrait of william mckinley the 25th president of the. John james marshall the fourth chief justice of the united states is on the 1918 series of the 500 dollar bill.

It was last printed in 1945 but the treasury says americans continue to hold the notes. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Their main purpose was for bank transfer payments.

William mckinley is on the 1928 1934 series. Free shipping on many items. The last 500 bill rolled off the presses in 1945 and it was formally.

Large denomination currency ie banknotes with a face value of 500 or higher had been used in the united states since the late 18th century. 500 bill have been in circulation within the united states. William mckinley is the president of the 500 dollar bill.

Production of high denomination 500 and above us bills ended in 1945 due to low demand. Production of these denominations stopped during world war ii.

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