How To Tell If Its Real American Girl Doll

Dolls listed in italics have been retired and are no longer available directly from american girl. Thereby making original pleasant company dolls a collectors item.

How To Tell If Your American Girl Doll Is Really An American Girl Doll Youtube

how to tell if its real american girl doll

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But its a story that could have been real for.

How to tell if its real american girl doll. This is a visual chart of the american girl today just like you my american girl and truly me dolls1 each doll is shown in their current or if retired last available incarnation. The girl of the year is not based on a real person. In 1998 the pleasant company was sold to mattel inc.

If sending her in to the doll hospital is not an option you are looking for there are things you can do to help get her hair back into nicer condition. How to tell american girl dolls age how to date your doll when buying second hand pre loved dolls or older dolls sometimes you wont know for sure. If their is any web site you know of that have cheap american girl doll clothes please tell me asap.

The original dolls were felicity kirsten samantha and molly. Any modifications or updates to a doll are discussed on the individual pages. Many older and retired dolls have that tag.

I dont have that kind of money. Initially the dolls were only available through the catalog. If your talking about the story about the american girl julie albright no it not real they just made that story so kids could read about their doll.

Looking for a fun way to teach girls about american history pleasant rowland founded american girl in 1986. If you part your dolls hair in the back as if for braids on either side and see shorter hairs along the part then your blue eyed blonde is kirsten from the historical collection. There are many ways of.

She is made up by the american girl company to tell the story of a real life girl living in the current time. If the hair is all the same length then its probably an american girl from the just like you line. List of truly me outfits list of.

American girl dolls have glued on synthetic wigs so when cleaning the hair be sure not to saturate it too much with cleaners water or conditioners although if it happens wig can be re glued once fully dry. American girl dolls and books were created by pleasant rowland who founded the pleasant company in 1986.

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